Instructional Design for Beginners

Expected Participants

    1. This course is being delivered to instructional designers, project managers with online projects, content writers and elearning experts wanting to advance their knowledge and skills in Instructional Design.

    2. Prerequisite - Participants would have to have completed their under graduate from a recognized university with a minimum of 60% in any discipline and be able to communicate and comprehend in English fluently. 

    3. Participants are young and middle aged working adult women who range between 20 years to 60 years of age and demographically spread all over the country. Women from Chennai, Bangalore (IT hub), Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh are expected to register as most of the IT elearning companies and schools are located in these locations. Distances span between 900kms to 1700 kms from Mumbai (delivery point). The University caters only to adult women and hence restricts men from registering into a program. Learning supports are available to students – Access to library, IT support, Contact information and virtual office hours are setup.

    4. Technology levels of participants may vary but basic knowledge of computers and the internet are required. Although issues with availability of the internet and bandwidth may arise. A technology self-assessment survey is available for participants to assess their readiness to participate online.

    5. Participants are expected to dedicate 6 hours a week to do the readings and participate in the course.

    6. Participants are self-motivated adults interested in advancing their Instructional Design skills.