Instructional Design for Beginners

Course Information

Welcome to the Instructional Design Course for Beginners. To meet your instructor, click here and say hello to Shalini.

a. About the course
This is a project-based online course that introduces Instructional Design concepts and principles in a way that is realistic and practical. It has a special emphasis on online education. It is aimed at project managers of online projects, and instructional design professionals new to the field of online learning. The course is spread over 15 weeks from June to October and includes only asynchronous learning activities. Complex course delivery related issues may be dealt with synchronous communication tools.

b. Delivery Method
The course will be delivered online asynchronously using a weebly. Weebly is flexible and a versatile website. Having students learn and discuss  on the weebly will give students the opportunity and experience to adopt a weebly or other such collaborative technologies in their designing. In addition, the course is also being developed using an active and experiential approach. Using the weebly, students will be active participants, collaborating on assignments and discussions and will also be part of a learning community that they build for themselves.

d. Course Content Modules
As this weebly is in the development phase, I am deciding on topics that will be appropriate and relevant for new Instructional designers out in the field. Education is continuously evolving and with that the change in examining important issues. 

For a brief understanding of the participants that are likely to take this course, please click here

Modules for the course -- 
Module 1. Exploring the Online Environment 
Module 2. Learner Analysis 
Module 3. Web 2.0 and emerging learning theories (currently in the pipeline...)

Please Note - Much of the content for this course has been adapted from the Professional Development in Online Learning, University of Regina 2006.