Instructional Design for Beginners

Module 2 - Learner Analysis

2.0 Introduction

If you stop to think about today's learners you will realize that they are much different from what they were not too long ago. With the advent of technology and the rise of faster, better, intiuitive tools likes mobile devices, social media, and computers, learners now have instant access to a variety of information at a click of a button. So, apart from the new games and toys that they play with, do they learn differently? This module will look at the characteristics of learners, the underlying research about Net Gen learners and their need to express, learn, value, consolidate, collaborate information that is in a way meaningful, relevant and important to them. You will also discover who you are as a learner which will help you plan for activities that suit learners with different learning styles.

Listen to the voice of the digital learners learning in an analogue school in this video --
Learning Objectives and Expectations
By the end of this module, you will be able to 
1. Describe the characteristics of online learners
2. Discover your learning style and preferences

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