Instructional Design for Beginners

Module 1 - Exploring the Online Environment

1.0 Introduction

Over the years, online learning environments have evolved and have changed the way individuals learn. The internet has paved the way to connect, socialize, network, share information, collaborate on various activities across the globe. How have these new technologies impacted the way you design instruction? In module 1, you were introduced to the history of online learning and how instructional design principles differ in the online context. You discussed the roles and challenges of the online learner and online instructor in Module 3. In this module, you will engage in discussion regarding the online delivery systems, the interactions that occur in an online environment and the use of emerging technologies.

Learning Objectives and Expectations
By the end of this module, you will be able to
  1. Examine characteristics of online learning
  2. Examine various delivery methods of online education
  3. Explore the interactions that occur within an online course
  4. Discover the pedagogical value in emerging technologies

Throughout this module you will come across the following icons-
a. Learning activity        b. Additional Resources        c. Making connections       d. Required Readings

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